Responsible Sourcing


BES 6001 provides a common benchmark for all construction products to demonstrate their responsible sourcing credentials. The full listing of products certified to BES 6001 is available at


The concrete industry was the first industry to link its sustainable construction strategy to BES 6001 and has produced the publication 'Specifying Sustainable Concrete' to support the implementation of the standard.


Material Sector   % BES 6001 Certified
Aggregates  92%
Cement 100%
BAR Mills* 86%
BAR Fabricators* 88%

*To Eco-reinforcement BES 6001 based scheme

Performance indicator

Percentage of production certified to BES 6001 responsible sourcing standard


Responsible Sourcing


The demand for evidence of the responsible sourcing of building products and materials is ever increasing, particularly in the wake of the UK Contractors Group (UKCG) announcement in 2012 of their commitment to give preference to procuring products that are able to demonstrate compliance with a recognised
responsible sourcing scheme, certified by a third party.

Our indicator reports the proportion of concrete production that is currently certified to BES 6001. 89% of all concrete in 2012 was certified to BES 6001 and of the production tonnage certified, 99% has achieved ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’ performance rating.

The 89% achieved is a reduction from the 92% achieved in 2011 and this is due to some rationalisation of production. The industry is also encouraging more companies to join the strategy, to achieve long-term improvement in the industry, the short term impact is that many of these smaller companies are yet to complete the certification process.

No target was set in 2008 as BES 6001 had not been published when the strategy was launched; our 2020 target is for 95% certification.


Further information on the responsible sourcing indicator can be found in the full report.


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