Employment and Skills

Having a skilled, competent and informed workforce is essential for the industry to remain competitive, safe and capable of meeting the objectives of the concrete industry strategy.

Performance indicator

Percentage of employees covered by certified training and evaluation processes

Measurement of competency can be challenging and the current indicator essentially measures the management of training by reporting on the proportion of employees whose training is monitored and managed within certified management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001 and others.

The industry figure for 2018 is approximately 99.2% for both concrete and for concrete + reinforcement. The 2020 target is 100%.

N.B. Based on stakeholder feedback other indicators are being considered relating to Training hours and Formal Employee Review and Development Schemes which are likely replace the current indicator in the next 12 months.
Further information on the employment skills indicator can be found in the full report.
This indicator is part of the Wellbeing section of the report and 2020 commitments. An update on our Wellbeing commitments.


The Twelfth Concrete Industry Sustainability Performance Report

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