Sustainable Concrete

30 July 2008 the major manufacturers and trade bodies in the concrete supply chain committed to a Sustainable Construction Strategy.

This brought together the constituents of concrete (aggregates, cement, admixtures, fly ash, cementitious slag), concrete manufacturers (ready-mixed, precast, blocks) and reinforcement steel to provide a strategy for concrete in our built environment.

What is the Concrete Industry Sustainable Construction Strategy?

What Is the Vision?

To be recognised as a leader in sustainable construction, by taking a dynamic role in delivering a sustainable, low carbon-built environment in a socially, environmentally and economically responsible manner.

What Has the Industry Committed to Do?

  1. Contribute to the delivery of a low-carbon built environment
  2. Provide Life Cycle Assessment data compliant with codes and standards
  3. Develop a Material and Resource Efficiency Programme to inform best practice across the life cycle of concrete in the built environment
  4. Develop a low carbon freight initiative to support improvement in transport through the concrete supply chain to construction sites
  5. Develop a water strategy to support the measurement of sustainability performance and target setting
  6. Target continuous improvement of sustainable production performance and report annually

If you would like to know more about the concrete industry’s sustainable construction strategy to 2020 and beyond, how it addresses sustainability issues and the industry’s performance in measuring and managing its role in our sustainable built environment please explore this site,

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