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Planning to Tackle Overheating Upfront

22 Jul 2019

Tom de Saulles, Building Physicist, The Concrete Centre discusses the new planning tool to inform planners about early considerations for overheating.

Progress Built on Firm Footings

06 Jun 2019

With Parliament passing a motion declaring a climate emergency, the UKGBC has launched a framework to deliver net-zero built environment emissions; a move that ties in with their work to promote a circular economy in construction.

Rib Slab Resurgence

06 Jun 2019

Ribbed slabs have started to be more popular again after many years when they were somewhat out of fashion. About fifteen years ago, I was working on a PFI hospital project where we, as the structural engineers, had proposed a ribbed slab.

Whole-life Approach to Material Efficiency

12 Mar 2019

Material efficiency can be defined simply as doing more with less. The target is to use less material resources in the most sustainable way whilst minimising the environmental impact and at the same time addressing the application of circular economy outcomes by extracting maximum value by providing buildings, infrastructure, resources and materials that maximise long term use.

What is Thermal Mass?

11 Mar 2019

Thermal mass is a concept in building design that describes how the mass of the building provides inertia against internal temperature fluctuations. This is typically achieved through its ability to absorb unwanted heat during the day and then release it at night with the help of ventilation from cool night air.

Structural Stability – The Last Line of Defence

20 Nov 2018

Stripping combustible cladding from high-rise buildings is a visible commitment to change by the government and the construction industry. However, the recently announced ban is only the first step towards creating safer building regulations. 

Canary Wharf Group

14 Nov 2018

Our overall message on sustainability is about resilience. We provide a really robust, flexible shell-and-core model that can be adapted to suit different tenants.

Me and My Flood

09 Nov 2018

Next week is London Flood awareness week and it got me thinking about my own situation and response to a potential flood.  I live in central London and so, for now at least, feel well protected by the Thames barrier from any large-scale tidal flooding event.

Designing Flood-resilient Homes

08 Nov 2018

Water damage is the number one cause of property insurance claims in the UK – which is perhaps why 87% of respondents to the survey viewed ood resilience as an important factor in the choice of a new home.