Local Community

It is often the case that concrete supply chain production sites have close links with the local communities through the employment of local people and the use of local materials.

Performance indicator

Percentage of relevant sites that have community liaison activities

However, because of the potential impacts from vehicle movements, dust and noise, some sites may be regarded as more relevant for having more formal local community liaison activities.

‘Relevant’ sites are defined by the industry as mineral extraction sites in the cement and aggregates sectors and also other specific operations that members consider to have a potential significant impact on the local community. Any production site that receives a level of complaints would also be considered a ‘relevant’ site.
In 2018, 68.9% of relevant sites undertook regular community liaison activities such as liaison groups or council meetings open days, public meetings, community newsletters, social, recreational and educational activities involving the local community.

This indicator is part of the Wellbeing part of the report and 2020 Commitments. An update on the Wellbeing 2020 Commitments.



The Twelfth Concrete Industry Sustainability Performance Report

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